Boston Leather

It all began in 1938 when the Boston Novelty Company started making leather tags, name plates, cases and bags. It continued in the 1940s when we changed our name to Boston Leather and put an increasing focus on the needs of uniformed professionals. And our commitment to crafting products with pride in the USA remains strong today. Leather remains the material of choice for most of what we manufacture. When worn or carried, leather becomes a part of you. It’s comfortable, long-lasting, incredibly strong and always sharp-looking. The bottom line: We take great pride in what we craft for our customers because they take great pride in what they do every day. For the full line of products, visit the Boston Leather web site.


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boston leather 5517_BW_193_250_s

Law Enforcement

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boston leather 8159_333_250_s


boston leather 200S_250_250_s


boston leather 4211_144_250_s

Cell Phone & Pager Holders

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Corrections & transit

boston leather 5519-5_162_250_s

Ballistic Weave

boston leather 17308_250_250_s

1801 Line

boston leather hiking-to-the-top-of-hill-great-success_rKwQ7NR4i_375_250_s

Outdoor Wear

boston leather 1801Line_227_250_s

Big and Tall

boston leather The_Checkbook_Family_320_250_s

Promotional Items