FlameFighter Corporation was established in 1987 with the introduction of an innovative product called the “FlameFighter” to be used in the Fire Service. This tool was invented by a Fire Chief from a small town in Northern Minnesota to keep Fire Fighters safe when extinguishing fires in concealed spaces such as walls, attics, vents, voids, and much more. FlameFighter Corporation prides itself on high quality workmanship and top quality service to our customers. We are constantly searching for ways in which we can provide our customers with new and better products to help them accomplish their jobs more safely and effectively. For a full line of Flamefighter products and Fire Extinguisher Accessories, visit the Flamefighter web site.


Aircare carries the full line of FlameFighter products, including Fire Extinguisher Accessories and:

flamefighter hose washer

Hose Equipment

Electric and Gas Hose Testers
Hose Washers
Hose Hooks

flamefighter scba equipmentSCBA Equipment

SCBA Brackets
SCBA Cabinets & Storage
SCBA Seats
Mask Bags

flamefighter cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Accessories

Fire Extinguisher & Hose Cabinets
Fire Carts
Fire Extinguisher Stands
Gear Bags

flamefighter pike poles and hooks

Pike Poles and Hooks

Pike Pole
Pole Parts
New York Roof Hooks

flamfighter hand and woodland tools Hand and Wildland Tools

Forcible Entry Tool
Wildland Tools
Bolt & Cable Cutters
Pry Bars
Sledge Hammers & Mallets

flamefighter piercing nozzlesPiercing Nozzles

Original Flamefighter 1000
The original Flamefighter since 1987 gets you to the source of the fire quickly. In just seconds, firefighters can insert a Flamefighter nozzle into virtually any desired entry point and generate a high pressure spray.  See the FlameFighter site for additional piercing nozzles.