Harrington LDH System Specialists

Harrington is a worldwide supplier of high precision water delivery equipment for the fire industry. Harrington provides V-Groove couplings, Storz adapters, hose couplings, and AVG Fittings for water delivery systems. Harrington maintains its leadership position by providing customers with products that meet and exceed their specifications.

For the full line of Harrington products, visit the Harington LDH System Specialists web site.


Intake Valves

A low profile,12” depth ball intake valve designed for pumper intake control. Valve meets 900 PSI hydrostatic strength test. Utilizes full flow ball valve design, and has an easy to see visual indicator of ball position.

Heavy Duty Gate Valves

Gate valve, 2.5” NH female swivel x 2.5” NH male gate valve with a non-rising stem is excellent for hydrant, hose, high rise standpipe, and other water control applications. There is a spinning knob on hand wheel for easy open/close, with a built in slow close safety operation. Lightweight, corrosion resistance, anodized aluminum construction with an anodized aluminum spindle. Also available with special threads. This product features a high 250 PSI pressure rating.

Elbow Adapters

Harrington Storz elbow adapters are rated for a working pressure of 250 PSI. Elbows are hard coat aluminum anodized to Military Specification, Type 3 then powder coated for a nice smooth finish. “Forged” Storz heads provide maximum strength. No hidden imperfections like those found in cast Storz heads. All female swivels utilize stainless steel ball bearing or aluminum roller bearings, no plastic. Available 2.5” to 6”. All Storz heads 4” and larger include All Metal NFPA compliant lock.

Storz Female Adapters

These Storz adapters are tested to a rated pressure of 250 PSI. “Forged” Storz heads provide maximum strength. No hidden imperfections like those found in cast couplings.

Available 2” to 6”.

Suction Hose

We offer the most flexible suction hose in the market; as much as 24% tighter bend radius. Long life due to high UV inhibitors. Clear PVC hose allows for visual indication of water movement. Coupling can easily be removed in the field with standard Allen wrench.

harrington By-pass-foam-eductor-FE-60-300x1951.jpgFoam Eductors

This light weight inline Foam Eductor operates at low pressure 100 PSI. Excellent for use in plants, portable pumps or other low water pressure applications. Variable concentrate settings from 0.5% to 6%.

harrington HSSWsmalls_web.jpgSpanner Wrenches

Spanner wrenches for easy disconnecting/connecting of Storz couplings. Wrench has a long handle for added leverage, light weight material. Specify the wrench for size of couplings.  Made in the USA, unless otherwise noted.

harrington HHSN-PG1-300x2011.pngHHSN- Wildland Forestry & Marine Nozzles

Excellent lightweight approved forestry and marine nozzles. Supplied in 1” with a flow rate of 25 GPM and 1.5” with a flow rate of 75-150 GPM @ 100 PSI. The 1.5” model has a flow rate of 75 GPM in straight stream and 150 GPM on fog.