Akron Brass Fire Hose Nozzles

Akron Brass is a worldwide Marketer and Manufacturer of high performance fire fighting equipment and other related products designed to improve the safety and efficiency of personnel and equipment engaged in the suppression of fire. Our commitment is to quality products, timely customer service, and effective manufacturing processes that exceed our customer’s expectations and set the standard for the industry.

Akron Brass is ISO 9001 registered. This achievement attests to our commitment of servicing our customers.

For a full list of products, visit the Akron Brass web site.


AirCare carries the full line of Akron Brass Nozzles, Monitors, Valves, Lighting, and more.  Here a few of the many products we carry:

Fire Hose Nozzles

15/16″ Smooth Bore Nozzle Tip with 1.5″ inlet

1 1/2″ (38 mm) Plain Tip, Pyrolite finish for a smooth bore nozzle.
1 3/8″ (35 mm) standard orifice with 15/16″ Tip
Tip is 5″ (127 mm) in length.

ProVenger Handline Nozzle with 1.5″ inlet, NH thread, 30-150 GPM @100 PSI

The ProVenger integrates quality stream performance with basic flow and pressure options. Take this selectable gallonage handline nozzle from straight stream to wide fog with just a quarter turn bumper adjustment.

Turbojet Handline Nozzle with 1″ inlet, NH threads, 13-60 GPM at 100 PSI

The Turbojet is an adjustable gallonage fire nozzle with multiple flow settings so you can select the best for your situation. Take this nozzle from straight stream to wide fog with just a quarter turn bumper adjustment.

UltraJet Fire Hose Nozzle

Now you can have the best of both worlds in a handline nozzle. The UltraJet fire hose nozzle is all-in-one, combining both the smooth bore nozzle and fog nozzle patterns. This nozzle has simple operations with no additional training required. Available with 1″ (25 mm), 15/16″ (24 mm), 7/8″ (22 mm) or 3/4″ (19 mm) tips. Low Pressure operation at 50 psi/3.5 Bar.

Mid-Range Assault Handline Nozzle with 1.5″ inlet, NH thread, 150 GPM @75 PSI

The Mid-Range Assault nozzle combines quality stream performance at a variety of pressures with the simplicity of a fixed orifice.