Flow Testing provides a complete evaluation for proper performance of your SCBA. Designed to meet OSHA & NFPA standards, the dynamic evaluation checks the SCBA performance in the areas listed below. Customers are provided with a printed copy of the test, and we store an electronic copy to have a complete maintenance history of your SCBA.

ACI Fire & Safety provides mobile onsite repair and testing of all your Respiratory Protection Equipment.

  • Mask leak-check
  • Exhalation check-valve opening pressure
  • Static mask-pressure
  • Breathing resistance at standard (40 LPM) work-rate
  • Breathing resistance at maximum (100 LPM) work-rate
  • Bypass flow-rate
  • Pressure gauge accuracy
  • Low pressure alarm activation
  • Visual inspection
  • Optional medium pressure transducer lets you dynamically test first stage regulator performance