Disaster Management Systems

Disaster Management Systems is a leader in Triage and Disaster solutions helping responders organize, identify, and manage incidents involving multiple patients, disaster incidents, and mass casualty incidents.  Used by professionals and agencies worldwide, DMS products are designed and tested by leaders in disaster and incident management.  Founded and led by career Firefighter/Paramedic professionals that understand first-hand the need for simple yet effective disaster solutions. All products comply with the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS).

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Our EMT3® System for fire/EMS professionals will allow first responders to quickly enact an emergency triage system that utilizes our triage ribbon dispensers and color-coded organization system. You will be able to establish treatment areas by utilizing our Treatment Area Tarps. You will also be able to ensure patients are re-triaged and tracked off-scene utilizing our All Risk® Triage Tags and ICS medical branch forms.

Our NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation systems ensure proper REHAB of members utilizing a simple but effective REHAB tag-and-accountability system. Shop our fire/EMS disaster relief products to better prepare your staff for an all-hazard approach to incident management.


All Risk Triage Tags

Optimized for use as a secondary assessment and patient tracking tool, the All Risk® Triage Tag provides treatment personnel the ability to document patient condition and care while awaiting transport. The enhanced transportation receipt, when used with the receipt holder, streamlines ambulance loading and ensures that patient number, acuity and destination are documented and available for quick reference.

EMT3® MCI Response Kits

The EMT3® Go-Kit provides the incident commander rapid access to the critical position forms and job action sheets critical for effective MCI mitigation. Fully scalable for any size incident, EMT3® Go-Kit will ensure each resource has the tools needed to be effective at their position. EMT3® 8 Position Vest Kit is an ideal addition to this Go-Kit to allow for another level of organization.  If you’re in need of additional positions, tarps, and a rolling duffel to allow for easy storage and movement, then one of our EMT3® Rapid Response Kits will be the right choice for your department!

Treatment area tarps and flags

Oversized 15′ x 20′ specialized MCI tarps with layout lines for optimal patient placement and quick reference patient numbers.

Triage Ribbons and dispensers

In any environment, this 6-bay ribbon dispenser provides responders the ability to provide initial triage and record adult and pediatric immediate counts quickly and efficiently.