Firefighting Water Tanks

From remote wildlands to crowded urban streets, our firefighting water tanks, water containment and deployment systems are second to none. With styles, capacities and features to fit any application, you’ll find the perfect portable firefighting water tank solution for your specific needs. For the full line of products, please visit the fol-da-tank web site.


At FOL-DA-TANK™, we take our role as a leading supplier of portable containment solutions seriously. Our customers are on the front lines of environmental and property damage emergencies every day. Like you, they deserve — and receive — our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability and performance in every product we make. With nearly 70 years of experience, trust us to supply you with the right equipment for any challenge you face.

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The Original Folding Water Tank for Firefighting

We introduced the first patented folding water tank in 1954 to help firefighters get water wherever it was needed. In fact, some of our original products are still in use today. From rural wildlands to municipal streets, FOL-DA-TANK™ has been at the forefront of equipping first responders the tools to get the job done since 1954.

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fol-da-tanl TYPE-B-LO-SIDE-scaled

Frameless, Portable Water Containers

Self-standing water containers or self-supporting tanks (SST) automatically expand and hold water and other liquids without a frame. Say goodbye to problems with inadequate or unusable water supplies. These tanks can be filled from other tanks, by hose, aerially or by pumping water from natural water sources. For standby water containment and water shuttling/relay situations these portable, folding water tanks are easy to handle, set up, fill and empty. From rural wildlands to municipal streets, FOL-DA-TANK™ has been at the forefront of equipping first responders with the tools to get the job done since 1954.

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Quick Assemble DBL-HI® 30 oz Vinyl

The Quick Assemble DBL-HI® can be transported by helicopter or truck into remote areas for easy setup. The DBL-HI® frame is constructed from aircraft-quality aluminum with al-mag snap button connections. The liner is suspended from heavy-duty tension straps with quick release snap clips. The liner design relieves the pressure on the frame and adapts to the contour of the setup site. All parts are stored in a convenient storage bag for easy transport. (GSA Approved)

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fol-da-tank Strainer (Small)

Water Strainers and Accessories Guarantee Water Supply

Our Float Dock Strainers save the day. Firefighting, mining and certain construction operations require a reliable source of water. But muck, sand and debris in local ponds, streams or other water sources can damage equipment and interrupt the flow of water. That’s why we invented the first floating strainer in 1954 and continue to sell our Float Dock Strainer and other water strainers to a variety of customers around the world.

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fol-da-tank Clam-shell-patch-kit-scaled-e1629991080722 (Small)


Bar clamps, carry racks, clam shell patch kit, crosslays, debris carrier, emrgency equipment, ground cover, hose bed covers, hose stands, and more.

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fol-da-tabk F72-1 (Small)

Multifunctional Helicopter Tank

The “Flyer” Multifunctional Helicopter Water Tank. All framed tanks and replacement liners come standard with easy lift handles.

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fol-da-tank TYPE-G-2-scaled

Fol-Da-Dam Spill Containment
Quality Decontamination Berms, Pools and Dams

When oil, chemicals or other liquid pollutants threaten the environment or human health and safety, time is of the essence. Fast-deploying spill containment systems are a must, along with safety and ease-of-use. Our decontamination berms, dams and tanks (decontamination pools) are designed and built with the rigors of rapid containment, temporary storage and disposal of oil and other hazardous materials in mind.

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fol-da-tank POTABLE-1

Pillow & Bladder Tanks
Pillow Tanks are Perfect Water Bladder Tanks

These high-quality, durable water bladder tanks often called pillow tanks provide drinking water storage in an inhospitable location, a super-mobile water supply for fighting brush fires or storage of gray water, decon liquids or fracking wastewater. Fol-Da-Tank highly portable pillow tanks are versatile, with applications for parks and nurseries, clean showers for firefighters, emergency drinking water and much more.

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