Junk Yard Dog Responder Gear Bags

Specializing in vehicle stabilization, rescuer safety, and patient protection products, JYD Industries aims to provide you with quality American made vehicle stabilization/extrication tools, supporting the emergency services workers when lives matters.

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AirCare carries the full line of Junk Yard Dog Responder Gear Bags.  Here are a few of the bags that are available from Junk Yard Dog:


Troll Bag

JYD’s Troll Bag is designed to carry additional equipment such as rubber mallets, blind caps, spare wheels, and nozzles that may be required at a standpipe or to extend a hose line

Air Chisel Kit Bag

The Air Chisel Kit Bag is designed to hold an SCBA cylinder, entire Ajax Air Chisel kit components and be pre-connected ready for service.

Back Step Bag

Back Step Bag is made to carry supplies typical for hose evolutions.

Cribbing Bag (bag only)

JYD Industries’ popular Cribbing Bag is designed for plastic or wood cribbing can hold up to (9) 4” x 4” pieces.

Doggie Bag

JYD Industries’ Doggie Bag is designed as an economical solution for responders to conveniently carry specifically selected straps, chains, and hooks to assist during the stabilization process in addition to working seamlessly. with our Rescue Struts

Hi-Rise Bag Exterior Protective Cover

Ensure any exterior-mounted high-rise bag, and its contents, are protected from various elements with the High Rise Bag Exterior Protective Cover – part of Junkyard Dog Industries’ proven line of responder gear bags.

Hydraulic Hose Bag

The Hydraulic Hose Bag is designed to hold ground-line sections of hydraulic rescue tool hose to keep them properly coiled and to protect the couplings.

Multi-Purpose Bag

The All-Purpose gear bag by JYD Industries is a responder bag is designed to use for any equipment.

Rotary Disc Saw Blade Bag

The Rotary Disc Saw Blade Bag is part of JYD Industries’ durable line of First Due in essential and purpose-built Responder Gear Bags.

Sidewinder Bag

The JYD Industries’ Sidewinder Bag is designed to carry all of the Sidewinder Jack Kit Components in one convenient, responder-designed bag.