Gear Bags

Lightning X Products began designing and manufacturing firefighter and medical gear bags in the year 2000. By always listening to customer feedback we have learned never to accept the status quo and in turn we are constantly improving upon our product designs and striving to make our bags better. This has allowed us to become the premier supplier of gear bags and kits to the public safety industry. We always welcome input on how we are doing from you, our customers because you are our greatest asset. Thank you for your service!

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We are a small, family-owned business based in North Carolina. We have been in business for nearly 20 years and are very proud of our commitment to serving the public safety industry. We design all of our bags in-house based around the real life experiences of our employees, many of whom are former EMTs and firefighters. We know what works because we’ve done the job.

We value putting the customer first. That’s why we have never had an auto attendant for our phone system. When you call Lightning X, a real human answers the phone – every time. We also redesign each of our gear bags annually. How do we know what needs to be improved? Our customers tell us! We value customer feedback so much that it is what drives us to keep moving forward. Year after year. Bag after bag.