Junkyard Dog Glass Knife

JYD Industries’ wildly popular Glass Knife, with its’ robust design, hardened steel replacement blades, and the flexibility to use with any drill, has proven itself a valuable tool for responders. For today’s 1st responders, the addition of laminated glass in newer model vehicles poses a serious challenge. This is a huge factor in why JYD Industries strives to equip you with products and solutions that prepare you for the future of new-car technology and glass management, like The Glass Knife.

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Cuts fast with constant control and little effort!

Glass Knife Kit #1

The Value
The glass knife and a drill work independently for use in any position. The flexibility to use the Glass knife with any drill and simplicity of attachment makes it a valuable and economical tool for responders.

Reduced Risks
By design, 80% of debris is ejected outside the vehicle compared to a reciprocating saw. This greatly reduces the risk for the patient and the rescuer

Unique Swiveling Capabilities
The Glass Knife will maintain a comfortable position for the operator while allowing for easy maneuvering to perform tight-corner cuts with constant control & little effort. We found the ability to articulate the drill and the head priceless when maneuvering around corners, bent steel or A-Posts.

Hardened Steel Blades
Effective and durable, the Glass Knife blade’s smooth cutting edge made of hardened, ground, and polished steel have an Interference fit – this means the dust and chips do not fall between the blades and the blades don’t wear out.

The Glass Knife is available in 3 different Kits, is included in a number of other JYD Industries’ First Due kits, including our popular Crash Bag Kits.