Bauer RFIDPro Cylinder Management System

Keep your SCBAs up-to-date without the hassle of paperwork. Scan SCBA cylinders through our wireless reader, which automatically checks whether the cylinder is active and up-to-date on testing. The reader walks you through the inspection and fill process, and allows you to save data on your SCBAs that you can access again and again.

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For over 75 years, BAUER has been the leader in high-pressure breathing air solutions. When there is an opportunity to not only save time but create an even safer environment for your fire station, we take that opportunity seriously. Introducing our new RFIDPro™ SCBA cylinder management system. It allows fire departments to easily and conveniently stay in compliance with NFPA-1989 and OSHA regulations, as well as increase the safety and productivity of fire department personnel, while at the same time protecting municipalities and fire departments from liability exposure.

The BAUER RFIDPro™ SCBA cylinder management system is a complete asset management tool which logs SCBA cylinder fills, keeps track of required hydro tests, cylinder repairs as well as cylinder end-of-life expiration dates. The system is intuitive and easy to use: SCBA cylinders are scanned though the wireless BAUER RFIDPro™ reader which automatically checks whether the cylinder is active (not previously tagged out or end of life) as well as whether the cylinder is current in regards to hydro testing. If the cylinder is current, the system walks the operator through the cylinder inspection and fill process.