Bauer Connect


Control your entire BAUER system, anytime, anywhere. Our Remote HMI allows you to control your unit from a distance as though you were standing right in front of it. The Mobile Dashboard shows a real-time graph of the system, including critical pressures and temperatures, volume of air dispensed, etc – and the powerful BAUER app can even create custom reports. Not to mention our predictive AI analytics and opt-in push notifications.

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BAUER CONNECT® is an app and Internet-based IoT solution which allows BAUER customers to remotely monitor – and control – the performance of the entire BAUER system through any wireless mobile device or computer; anytime, anywhere. Key Features: allow customers to increase efficiency and productivity, save time, do more with fewer resources, enjoy lower operational costs, and have total flexibility with a solution tailored specifically for the end-user.

BAUER CONNECT® – Connection that matters.