G1 ExtendAire II System

MSA’s firefighter buddy breathing system.

The all new MSA G1 ExtendAire II System is an Emergency Breathing Supply System (EBSS) accessory that uses intermediate pressure air to provide firefighters with emergency breathing air.

For more details, visit the MSA Safety G1 ExtendAire II System page.

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The G1 ExtendAire II System allows firefighters to quickly and easily interconnect to a fellow firefighter’s air supply. The ExtendAire II System integrated into the G1 SCBA, providing unrestricted mobility and easy access during emergency situations. The system uses locking quick-connects with integrated check valve that prevents contamination of the breathing air pathway by the ambient atmosphere. The new MSA G1 ExtendAire II System features an integrated rescue hose and manifold assembly that uses both male and female quick-connect fittings. The system is stowed in a low profile pouch that mounts on the carrier assembly, positioned to prevent snagging and accidental opening.

The MSA G1 ExtendAire II also provides an airline solution for quick connection at any emergency event requiring an extended air supply like bucket operations, Hazmat or confined spaces. An airline adapter connects to the ExtendAire II manifold assembly, to provide external air from distances up to 300 feet away.