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Blackinton® is a family owned privately held company.

Blackinton was established in 1852 in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts, and remains in the same community where it started.  Leaning on its history and embracing change, especially in technology, has propelled the company to the market leader in the manufacturing of Public Safety Badges and Insignia.

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Blackinton® is a privately held family-owned company.  We are the largest manufacturer of public safety badges and uniform insignia in the United States.  We take pride in serving the nation’s leading police, sheriff, government, security and fire departments.  Blackinton was established in 1852 in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts.  Blackinton has remained in the same town since 1852.  Since, this time we have watched many companies close or move out of state.

Blackinton combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, resulting in the production of the industry’s finest quality products.  In fact, Blackinton is the market leader.  Equally important, is we continue to be the first to bring new technologies to the market!  To illustrate, here are some of the new and exciting product features we have introduced.


  • High Security Badges: For example, SmartShield with RFID chips and SecureShift badges with color shifting enamel.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness public safety badges for the purpose of donating money to the cause each year.
  • Commendation Bar Slide Holders designed to keep commendation bars aligned and neat on uniforms.
  • FlexBadge, created to give law enforcement a metallic, quality alternative to embroidery.
  • QuickShip Badges, which are the same quality hand-made Blackinton badges, but they ship in five days.
  • Unlimited Coloring now you can add color or a design to your metal badge; i.e., thin blue line, without the added expense of a die.