Challenger Forcible Entry Training Door

The “CHALLENGER®” Forcible Entry Training Door System


The “Challenger®” is not just another door to be pried inward and outward.

For full details on the Challenger Forcible Entry Training Door, visit the PEB Enterprises web site.



The “Challenger” allows practice of the 11 most common, but rarely-mastered, techniques in the forcible entry arsenal.

It is the only door that is completely mobile without any dis-assembly. It allows you to use real “K” and “R” tools with our patented lock simulators that can be re-used upwards of 60-80 times before replacement is necessary; with a through-the-lock simulator and real commercial store front dead bolts to go with it.

Here is a complete list of features:

  • K-12 rebar cutting, up to 3/4″ @ 3 different heights and angles.
  • K-12 plunge cut window to hook and activate real commercial panic bar (24 cuts before plate replacement is necessary).
  • K-12 cutting of any size hinge or flat plate up to 5″ x 3/8″.
  • Real “K” and “R” tool use.
  • Spring loaded latch bolt assembly for realistic inward and outward forcing.
  • Padlock cutting (use any method to cut or break different size and type locks).
  • Use of many hydraulic rabbit tools to realistically force the door.
  • 3rd wheel for safe and easy movement.
  • 10″ solid rubber tires “No Flat.”

The door uses minimal and inexpensive consumables, many of which can be obtained locally.