Pac Tool Mounting Systems

PAC is one of the leading manufacturers of tool mounts for mobile applications. What does that mean? It means that whether you need shelving for a truck, strapping brackets for a ship, or mounting brackets for fire equipment, PAC will deliver top quality solutions and great service.


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Adjustable Mounts, Mounting Kits & Tool Storage Throughout North America

Performance Advantage Company has been a leader in the development of high quality tool mounting systems for the fire and emergency services industry for over 20 years. Dick Young (Founder) of PAC saw a need for quality tool mounts during his 50 plus years of building and designing fire apparatus at his family business Young Fire Equipment.

PAC products can be found on fire apparatus all over the world. Our products are specified into new apparatus and also retrofitted into existing apparatus to securely mount the lifesaving equipment that the Firefighters use on a daily basis. Firefighters who use our products and put their lives on the line serving their communities need the confidence in knowing their “tools of the trade” are readily available, yet effectively secured.

Many PAC products are NFPA 1901 certified and can store tools effectively almost anywhere including the crew compartment of an apparatus.
PAC has always taken our responsibility to firefighters and emergency services personnel very seriously. We are committed to offering the best quality products along with our unparalleled customer service. We are 100% committed to being the best in the industry when it comes to secure and effective tool and equipment mounting.

Our products for the fire industry include universal hangers, friction locking brackets, equipment mounts, locking tool holders, tool storage and more!


pac tools brackets and kits 1004.1-300x300

Positive Locking Brackets & Friction Locking Brackets

Tired of tools falling?  When you need to work with tools quickly, Performance Advantage Company has you covered with the perfect mounting kits and tool storage. We select the right bracket kits for the needs of professionals who have to make every second count: fire, police and military service members. We make sure your tools are safe and secure while still being handy when you need them.

pac tools brackets 1029-rev-B-Upright-300x300Hangers, Hooks & Pockets Brackets

Hookmount, GM hook, loop hook, mini hook, pole guide, tied down mount, tool hanger, universal hangers, and much more.

pac tools K5016InUse2-300x300

Tool Specific Brackets

Adapters, bolt cutters, flathead ax, halligan tool mounting, hydrant wrenches, irons lock, sledge hammer, spanner wrench, stortz loks, tool hangers, saw kits, and much more.


pac tools K5035FL-B-300x300

Heavy Rescue Tool Mounting Products

Amkus cutter/combi, heavy rescue tool mount kit, ram base mount kit, and much more.