DeconWasher Pro S

The same great cleaning result in a more convenient size

The DeconWasher Pro S ensures excellent results without compromising function or quality despite its compact size. The smart design enables a high water flow through rotating wash arms, with nozzles designed to decontaminate and clean the gear with plenty of power. In addition, the generously-sized rinse system ensures the efficient removal of dangerous soot particles and residue.
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Efficient cleaning solution in a compact size.

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Easy to operate with an intuitive user interface

To make the machine as user-friendly as possible, we decided to use a single resistive touch screen display, so you have complete control of your DeconWasher Pro S. With a modern user interface, inspired by the easy-to-use analog control panel of the Solo Rescue, you can run a wash program with a single tap on the screen. Apart from starting your wash programs, you will be able to follow its progress via a progress bar, change the wash and rinse temperatures, adjust the detergent concentration, alter the rinse volume, see the current number of completed programs since the last water change, get water change and service notifications, and more.


Energy-saving ECO-mode & up to 30% less detergent consumption

An optimized decontamination process often means having your decon washer turned on and ready 24/7. While in Ready mode, the ECO-mode of the DeconWasher Pro S will consume up to 55% less energy and still be ready for use within seconds. And depending on what your washing capacity needs are, you will be able to save up to 30% or more on detergent due to the smaller wash tank.


Clean up to 6 complete SCBAs or 48 facepieces per hour

The DeconWasher Pro S is probably the smallest decon washer today that can wash a complete set of self-contained breathing apparatus including facepiece and it has the capacity to clean up to 6 of them per hour. You can also use the machine to decontaminate the facepieces on their own, in which case you would be able clean as many as 48 per hour.