Poly-Tech America Tools and Equipment Mounting Solutions

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Poly-Tech America, LLC Rescue Tool & Equipment Mounting Solutions for FIRE, RESCUE and MILITARY Apparatus Vehicles.

The task of compartment organization can be very difficult. Here at Poly-Tech America, LLC we design, manufacture and continuously add to our own line of rescue tool mounting and organizing Poly-Tech America, LLC products.

Think about this, your town spends upwards of a half a million or more on a single new fire apparatus. Which makes every square inch of your apparatus’s compartment space very expensive real estate.

Poly-Tech America, LLC’s mission is to design and produce innovative mounting solutions and organizing products to utilize every square inch of the compartment space. Unlike typical metal mounting products that can damage your expensive equipment, our high strength military grade poly products will protect your tools and equipment for life.

Poly-Tech America, LLC will work with you from start to finish, to personally design a custom storage and/or mounting solution for your spaces, no matter how small or large. Show us your space and equipment for us to design a functioning solution specific to your needs. The end product will add value to your fleet and time to your rapid response.