Junkyard Dog Sidewinder


Sidewinder Head

New Single Head Design for Quicker, Simper Operation

NEW Sidewinder Head Features: 

  • 2 Heads in 1 Convenient Configuration
  • Quicker to Change from Flat Head to Four Point Head – Smaller Points, Same Great Bite!
  • Flat Head Attached on Top of Pointed Head with a 6 lb. Magnet – Can Be Secured on Strut

Sidewinder Features:

  • Specifically Designed Scissor Operation for Rescue Work
  • Enclosed Threaded Rod
  • Roller Bearings for Smooth Action
  • Wide Base – Polymer Coated Bottom
  • Tilting Head for Angled Adjustment
  • Permanent Attached Four Point Conical Head and Interchangeable Flat Head with Textured Surface
  • Can be Used in Remote Applications with 1/2” Drive Extension Bars
  • Pivoting Carry Handle
  • Rate at WWL of 7,500 lbs.
  • Lifts from 5.25” to 13.25”
  • Attached Clevis for Securing with Ratchet Strap
  • Can be Operated Manually or with Power Tools (Sold Separately)

Stabilizing & Lifting on All Fours

For quick 2 or 4 point stabilization. The Sidewinder can be used to release weight on the suspension eliminating the need to deflate tires. If need, a partial or total lift of the vehicle can be accomplished easily.

Stabilizing & Lifting a Side Rollover

Used in Conjunction with other stabilization devices, the sidewinder’s pivoting heads can adjust to sloping angles for quick action. Tethered to a strut, a vehicle can be lifted using the Sidewinder.

Stabilizing & Lifting a Roof Rollover

Using the Sidewinder in a pair under the roof rail, stabilization is efficient and positive. Lifting the rear upward is fast and effective. Placing under A-Post/Hood area lifts the front end as well.

Other Uses:

The Sidewinder is primarily designed for automobile use. Other applications exist in rescue operations including USAR and special operations.

Third Party Tested to 15,000 lbs.

Maximum rated up to 7,500 lbs.

Standard Package Includes:

  • (1) Sidewinder
  • (1) Flat Head
  • (1) Speedy Wrench
  • (1) Universal

For more information, and the complete line of Junkyard Dog Products, visit the Junkyard Dog Products web site.