Holmatro Spreaders

Holmatro Spreaders

Holmatro’s 5000 series spreaders are designed with the rescuer in mind: lighter than ever, without concessions on performance.  They are available for CORE systems with pump and hose or in Greenline battery-driven versions (3 smallest versions).

Some important features and benefits are:


  • Weight reduction thanks to new materials, component integration and intelligent design
  • Easy to carry and handle, reducing physical burden

Effective profile on the spreading tips

  • Perfect grip in every situation

Ergonomic carrying handle

  • New design increases operator comfort in various working positions

New LED lighting in carrying handle

  • No less than 6 LED lights with higher light ourput
  • Rescuers can start their job right away, both during the day and at night, without working in their own shadow

Speed Valve on CORE models

  • When unloaded, the arms open quickly to the desired distance to speed up spreader positioning

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