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Holmatro Penteon tools

All around the world first responders work in the most extreme conditions to save people’s lives. They are faced with different challenges every day, all requiring quick decision making and solid teamwork. Working under pressure, in a race against the clock, first responders need equipment they can fully rely on. It is for these men and women that we have developed our new Pentheon Series: High-tech rescue tools that are miles ahead of all other equipment on the market, cordless and hose tools alike.

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Spreader SP 5240 CL

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Dedicated to providing innovative hydraulic equipment for rescue, industrial and special tactics applications worldwide.

Holmatro® is a global company with three operating divisions: Rescue, Industrial and Marine. Common to all Holmatro products is the basic premise that only power that is mastered well can be put to use effectively. This vision drives us to design and manufacture only the highest quality hydraulic products.


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Holmatro Penteon tools


All around the world first responders work in the most extreme conditions to save people’s ...
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