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akron brassAkron Brass is a worldwide Marketer and Manufacturer of high performance fire fighting equipment and other related products designed to improve the safety and efficiency of personnel and equipment engaged in the suppression of fire. Our commitment is to quality products, timely customer service, and effective manufacturing processes that exceed our customer’s expectations and set the standard for the industry. See our full line of Arkron Brass products.



Akron Brass Revel Scout

Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light - Premium Package This tactical LED scene light is designed ...
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Akron Brass Turbojet Nozzle

Akron Brass Turbojet Nozzle

1 1/2'' High-Range Turbojet Break apart Nozzle with 1 1/2'' Inlet The Turbojet is a ...
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Akron Brass Revolution Valve

Akron Brass Revolution Monitor

Revolution Intake Valve (straight inlet) Featuring a unique patent-pending handwheel design, the Revolution provides the operator ...
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Akron Brass Mercury Monitor

Akron Brass Mercury Monitor

Mercury Quick Attack Monitor 2.5" NH x 2.5" NH monitor, 4445 nozzle, and mounting bracket ...
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1820 ultrajet nozzle

Akron Brass Ultrajet Nozzle

1820 UltraJet Now you can have the best of both worlds in a handline nozzle ...
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