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Of all the areas in your business, the commercial kitchen has the highest fire risk. Flammable oil and grease, high cooking temperatures, and the hectic nature of a commercial kitchen increase the chance of fire substantially compared to other rooms in your building.

Are you in the habit of regularly testing and inspecting your kitchen’s fire suppression system? Don’t gamble with the safety of your building and the people in it – schedule kitchen fire suppression testing and inspections today!


Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Testing & Inspection Services

Cooking has always been somewhat hazardous, but today’s high-efficiency stoves and grills reach higher temperatures than ever, and healthier vegetable oils become much hotter and retain their heat longer than animal-based oils. To protect against these hazards, every commercial kitchen should be outfitted with a fire suppression system.

While professional installation is a key component of kitchen fire safety, it’s only the beginning. Then, you must schedule tests and inspections from a fire protection company to remain code compliant and ensure every system component performs as expected in a fire emergency.

Here’s what our kitchen fire suppression testing and inspections entail:

  • Visually inspect the conduit and nozzle locations.
  • Check link line and detector positions.
  • Cut a terminal test link to inspect the fire system’s automatic actuation.
  • Test the manual pull station.
  • Verify the functionality of electric and gas shut offs.
  • Replace center link housings and fusible links.
  • Verify the gauge levels on pressurized tanks.
  • Inspect the inside of non-pressurized tanks for corrosion.
  • Record and verify the hydro test date on the regulator and all cylinders.
  • Replace system cartridges when required.
  • Remove and clean nozzles.
  • Test all electrical interlocks.
  • Verify the tightness of piping and copper tubing.
  • Record and report any apparent deficiencies to the customer.

commercial kitchen fire suppression system

mobile fire extinguisher service

Now Mobile!

ACI is proud to announce that we are now offering mobile fire extinguisher recharge and service!

ACI Fire & Safety offers a full line of fire extinguishers and accessories.  We also recharge fire extinguishers and perform low pressure hydrostatic testing of fire extinguisher cylinders.  If you have any questions about fire extinguisher sales or service, please give us a call.

We offer a class on fire extinguisher operation. The class includes information on different classifications of extinguishers, extinguisher operations and a hands-on live fire exercise.A certificate will be presented after completion of the class.

ACI Fire & Safety offers a full range of fire extinguisher services, including:

  • Dry Chemical Recharging (All types)
  • CO2 Recharging
  • Class K (Wet Chemical, Kitchen) Recharging
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • 6-Year Service
  • On-Site and In-Store Inspections
  • Wheeled Unity Inspection and Service

Hydro Testing Service

Additional services that Air-Care Inc offers include Hydrostatic Testing of breathing air cylinders. Our shop can visually inspect & test cylinder up to 6000 psi working pressure.

Hydrostatic testing uses water under pressure to measure the strength and flexibility of the cylinder’s walls. The test is required every three or five years depending on the DOT exemption
Cylinders are given a thorough internal and external visual inspection. The cylinder is filled with water and placed inside a water-filled jacket. High-pressure water is injected into the cylinder which causes the cylinder to expand. Pressure is held steady for 30 or 60 seconds depending on the test requirements to make sure the cylinder has reached, and can maintain, full expansion. A volumetric reading is recorded at the end of the test period. The pressure is released and the permanent expansion determined. The cylinder passes if it falls below the maximum acceptable expansion.

Hydro testing

Holmatro Service

ACI Stickers As Holmatro Rescue Tool’s authorized Warranty Service Center for Eastern Virginia, ACI Fire and Safety Inc. has invested in extensive training for our Dealer Service Technicians (DST) and specialized testing and repair equipment to satisfy our goal of keeping your system operating at peak efficiency and rescue ready for your next emergency.

To insure proper operation and performance Holmatro recommends annual inspection, testing and preventative maintenance of all rescue equipment. This program is typically conducted at your station to reduce downtime. This annual program offers a complete and thorough service to your HOLMATRO system insuring that it meets manufacturer’s specifications for performance, pressures, and forces. By servicing and inspecting the system, the chances of a system or tool failure are greatly reduced giving your organization peace of mind knowing that the users are provided with properly maintained equipment to the best possible level.

ACI offers a full service vehicle with the ability to handle a multitude of repair needs on site.

Our preventative maintenance program includes

  • Fluid and Filter changes
  • Functional testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Hose leak and pressure testing
  • Lubrication of control handles and other moving parts
  • System Maintenance Records

Holmatro2       Holmatro1

Flow Testing Service

Flow Testing provides a complete evaluation for proper performance of your SCBA. Designed to meet OSHA & NFPA standards, the dynamic evaluation checks the SCBA performance in the areas listed below. Customers are provided with a printed copy of the test, and we store an electronic copy to have a complete maintenance history of your SCBA.

ACI Fire & Safety provides mobile onsite repair and testing of all your Respiratory Protection Equipment.

  • Mask leak-check
  • Exhalation check-valve opening pressure
  • Static mask-pressure
  • Breathing resistance at standard (40 LPM) work-rate
  • Breathing resistance at maximum (100 LPM) work-rate
  • Bypass flow-rate
  • Pressure gauge accuracy
  • Low pressure alarm activation
  • Visual inspection
  • Optional medium pressure transducer lets you dynamically test first stage regulator performance
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Fit Testing Service

Air-Care Inc provides both Quantitative and Qualitative respiratory fit testing for all types of respiratory protection. We follow OSHA fit testing protocol using the latest in fit testing technology including:

  • Quantitative Fit Testing (OHD Fit Tester-3000)
  • Irritant Smoke (Stannic chloride) Qualitative Fit Testing
  • Bitrex (Isoamyl acetate) Qualitative Fit Testing
  • The new OSHA Respirator Standard (1910.134), effective 1998, requires fit testing of all respirators including those with positive pressure. In addition, NFPA 1500, Fire Department Occupational Health and Safety, and NFPA 1404, Fire Department SCBA Program, state that respirators should be fit tested. Both NFPA and OSHA state that fit testing should be done annually.
  • Air-Care Inc can assist you with developing a custom respiratory protection program for your company or fire department. We can also provide annual respiratory protection training to your employees as required by the OSHA standards.
Fit Testing

Bauer Compressor

Depending on your preference, we can set up a time-basis schedule in which we will contact you for servicing, or you can contact us based on the hourly usage required servicing.


  • change all purification filters and cartridges
  • change compressor oil and/or oil filter
  • check all lines, gauges, and components for air leaks
  • check all fans, belts, bolts, and accessories for tightness and to make sure they are in good working condition
  • check cascade piping and fitting for leaks
  • check fill station whip o-rings
  • check gauges, regulators, and accessories for leaks and to make sure they are working properly

Aircare Inc Air Gas Analysis Logo

ACI Fire and Safety now offers in-store Air Gas Analysis.

With our new air quality testing facility, we now have a 1 to 2 day result time and offer emergency or on-demand air quality testing.

Air quality testing is the only way to assure you have safe quality breathing air.

Our air tests meet all NFPA standards.

We can establish an annual, semiannual or quarterly test (NFPA) schedule. The air sampling kits are easy to use and provide an air quality printout and certificate for each test.

Contact us today so you can relax about you air quality.