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Leatherhead Tools is an American manufacturer of high quality tools serving firefighters, rescue personnel, law enforcement, SWAT teams and the United States military. Tradesmen using high-carbon U.S. steel and age-old forging methods build our tools. We utilize the latest technology in fiberglass manufacturing to add features like highly reflective color embedded into our handles and hydrant markers making them easier to locate in dark conditions. We listen to the professionals we serve to innovate and design superior tools that perform the functions they want and need.

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Poly-Tech America, LLC Rescue Tool & Equipment Mounting Solutions for FIRE, RESCUE and MILITARY Apparatus Vehicles.

The task of compartment organization can be very difficult. Here at Poly-Tech America, LLC we design, manufacture and continuously add to our own line of rescue tool mounting and organizing Poly-Tech America, LLC products.

Think about this, your town spends upwards of a half a million or more on a single new fire apparatus. Which makes every square inch of your apparatus’s compartment space very expensive real estate.

Poly-Tech America, LLC’s mission is to design and produce innovative mounting solutions and organizing products to utilize every square inch of the compartment space. Unlike typical metal mounting products that can damage your expensive equipment, our high strength military grade poly products will protect your tools and equipment for life.

Poly-Tech America, LLC will work with you from start to finish, to personally design a custom storage and/or mounting solution for your spaces, no matter how small or large. Show us your space and equipment for us to design a functioning solution specific to your needs. The end product will add value to your fleet and time to your rapid response.


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Download the LIFELINE_GEN3 Sell Sheet 2020 spec sheet.

The next evolution of Lifeline Tactical Rescue Tools is engineered to military specs, meets NFPA standards, and is the only non-battery operated handheld tool that’s like having 5 or more tools in one device. Gen 3 FIRE™ gives firefighter’s an invaluable advantage in the field. The tool is designed to increase personal safety during structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, and other emergency situations.

GEN 3 FIRE is a proven portable military-grade cutting machine and far more useful than single-purpose tools. Its size, weight, and design are engineered to be worn on the outside of everyday turnout gear for fast, immediate access.

LIFELINE® is proud to have thousands of tools in the field today, from fire and law enforcement departments around the world, firefighters from the U.S. Airforce and members of the Israeli Special Forces.

*All products backed by our Worry-Free Drop and Replace Policy




Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light – Premium Package

This tactical LED scene light is designed to increase the safety of both firefighters and emergency responders. With versatile mounting options – set, hang, strap, spike – and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout revolutionizes the operational ease of fire scene lighting. The Revel Scout combines a spot and flood light pattern of 14,000 lumens in a 12 lb. package, and the LED tactical scene light can be used to evenly light both entire exterior and scenes and interior spaces.

Akron Brass Turbojet Nozzle


1 1/2” High-Range Turbojet Break apart Nozzle with 1 1/2” Inlet

The Turbojet is a constant gallonage nozzle (flow remains the same in all patterns) with multiple flow settings for operator flow control. Use the Turbojet one time and see why it’s the nozzle of choice by firefighters worldwide.


Akron Brass Revolution Valve


Revolution Intake Valve (straight inlet)

Featuring a unique patent-pending handwheel design, the Revolution provides the operator more control and leverage for a smooth and easy operation. This revolutionary valve is constructed of corrosion-resistant, hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel with a powder coated interior and exterior finish for superior corrosion protection.

Akron Brass Mercury Monitor
Mercury Quick Attack Monitor 2.5″ NH x 2.5″ NH monitor, 4445 nozzle, and mounting bracket
The Mercury Monitors are smaller than any other ground portable fire monitor, so they can be quickly set up and left unmanned at the fire scene to free up personnel.

1820 ultrajet nozzle


Now you can have the best of both worlds in a handline nozzle. The UltraJet nozzle is all-in-one, combining both smooth bore and fog patterns. This nozzle has simple operations with no additional training required. Available with 1″ (25 mm), 15/16″ (24 mm), 7/8″ (22 mm) or 3/4″ (19 mm) tips.

Harrington Connections

Harrington is a worldwide supplier of high precision water delivery equipment for the fire industry.  Harrington provides V-Groove couplings, Storz adapters, hose couplings, and AVG Fittings for water delivery systems.  Harrington maintains its leadership position by providing customers with products that meet and exceed their specifications.


Boston Leather has been manufacturing fine leather accessories since 1938.  Radio holsters are our most popular fire service item.  You will not find a better product anywhere.

For more information, visit www.bostonleather.com

Looking to keep firefighters safe and cool them down during rehab?  Cool Shirt Systems provides tethered and portable active cooling rehabilitation options designed for the fire service.  “It’s not just a shirt.  It’s the most effective heat prevention system.”  For more information, visit http://www.coolshirt.com

Cool Shirt

ROMAs a recognized innovator in the fire service industry, R·O·M Corporation specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and distributing custom products.  R·O·M Corporation introduced roll-up doors to the North American fire service, changing the way emergency personnel access their equipment. From the industry’s leading doors to LED Compartment Lighting,  R·O·M Corporation is your single-source compartment access leader.  For more information, visit  www.romcorp.com


Over 75 Years Made In The U.S.A.

Duo-Safety Ladder Corporation is a family owned business welcoming its 3rd generation. We are the oldest and largest manufacturer of fire fighting ladders in North America.  visit www.duosafety.com

For almost half of the last century, ZICO has designed and developed many new products. With each new design, one thing has always been consistent: quality. Before a product has the ZICO name attached to it and finds its way onto the pages of our website or our catalog, it undergoes rigorous testing to be sure that it meets our high standards.

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We know it is rough on the road, that is why at Supreme Safety Supply, we are supplying you with innovative safety products.

Arrow Boards, Ez-Stor Cones, Safety Vests, Traffic Batons,
Vehicle Lights, LED Flares.

Visit at www.supremesafetysupply.com

At Action Coupling and Equipment, we are committed to producing high quality couplings and adapters. We continually improve our products and the process by which they are made to provide you, our customers, the best quality and value for your money. More …

Akron Brass is a worldwide Marketer and Manufacturer of high performance fire fighting equipment and other related products designed to improve the safety and efficiency of personnel and equipment engaged in the suppression of fire. Our commitment is to quality products, timely customer service, and effective manufacturing processes that exceed our customer’s expectations and set the standard for the industry.

Akron Brass is ISO 9001 registered. This achievement attests to our commitment of servicing our customers.

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FlameFighter Corporation was established in 1987 with the introduction of an innovative product called the “FlameFighter” to be used in the Fire Service. This tool was invented by a Fire Chief from a small town in Northern Minnesota to keep Fire Fighters safe when extinguishing fires in concealed spaces such as walls, attics, vents, voids, and much more.

FlameFighter Corporation prides itself on high quality workmanship and top quality service to our customers. We are constantly searching for ways in which we can provide our customers with new and better products to help them accomplish their jobs more safely and effectively.

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The Original Portable Water Tank

Fol-Da-Tank gives your tanker twice as much firefighting ability!
Over 100 years of experience and design in Fol-Da-Tanks and Strainers.

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Adapters, Hose, Strainers, Storz Hydrant Converters, Dry Hydrants Valves, Spanners & Wrenches, Caps & Plugs, Mounting Plates, Couplings, Accessories, Forestry, Flanges, Elbows, Hazmat, FD Connections & Accessories.

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