MSA G1 Breathing Apparatus designed for your safety comfort

MSA’s long-standing commitment to the fire service industry began nearly 100 years ago. Our goal is to provide dependable, high-quality products, instruments and service that will help to ensure a safe return home. MSA’s extensive knowledge and expertise has helped to harness new technologies to produce exceptional protective equipment.

The G1 SCBA is designed solely with your safety and comfort in mind. The G1 SCBA offers integrated and enhanced solutions to exceed your needs today as well as years into the future.

Fore more information, see the MSA’s G1 SCBA web page.

All-black Hycar or silicone Ultra Elite® facepiece available in three sizes, Nightfighter Heads-Up-Display mounting bracket, and SpeeD-ON® Kevlar facepiece harness. Firehawk Push-to-Connect Mask-Mounted regulator has neoprene intermediate pressure hose, variable flow bypass system and purge button.

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