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Reliable breathing air compressor systems have been our focus for six decades. Whether you require a stand-alone compressor, a fully integrated SCBA recharging system, or a complete SCBA trailer system, our priority is to provide breathing air of the highest quality which protects you so you can protect others.

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mobile fire extinguisher service

Now Mobile!

ACI is proud to announce that we are now offering mobile fire extinguisher recharge and service!

ACI Fire & Safety offers a full line of fire extinguishers and accessories.  We also recharge fire extinguishers and perform low pressure hydrostatic testing of fire extinguisher cylinders.  If you have any questions about fire extinguisher sales or service, please give us a call.

We offer a class on fire extinguisher operation. The class includes information on different classifications of extinguishers, extinguisher operations and a hands-on live fire exercise.A certificate will be presented after completion of the class.

ACI Fire & Safety offers a full range of fire extinguisher services, including:

  • Dry Chemical Recharging (All types)
  • CO2 Recharging
  • Class K (Wet Chemical, Kitchen) Recharging
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • 6-Year Service
  • On-Site and In-Store Inspections
  • Wheeled Unity Inspection and Service

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Above all else, an extrication glove must be tough. Built to last through countless difficult missions, the EXT Rescue® series gloves are the strongest, most dependable rescue safety gloves available. Armed with advanced impact protection and proprietary SuperFabric® technology, these gloves will keep you safe, no matter what the call.


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The RAM-AIR GEAR DRYER is a must have piece of equipment to ALL Fire Departments nation wide. This device will decrease the amount of time it takes to safely dry your firefighting gear, and allow for increased turn around on times when gear needs to be cleaned.


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Holmatro Service

As Holmatro Rescue Tool’s authorized Warranty Service Center for Eastern Virginia, ACI Fire and Safety Inc. has invested in extensive training for our Dealer Service Technicians (DST) and specialized testing and repair equipment to satisfy our goal of keeping your system operating at peak efficiency and rescue ready for your next emergency.

To insure proper operation and performance Holmatro recommends annual inspection, testing and preventative maintenance of all rescue equipment. This program is typically conducted at your station to reduce downtime. This annual program offers a complete and thorough service to your HOLMATRO system insuring that it meets manufacturer’s specifications for performance, pressures, and forces. By servicing and inspecting the system, the chances of a system or tool failure are greatly reduced giving your organization peace of mind knowing that the users are provided with properly maintained equipment to the best possible level.

ACI offers a full service vehicle with the ability to handle a multitude of repair needs on site.

Our preventative maintenance program includes

  • Fluid and Filter changes
  • Functional testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Hose leak and pressure testing
  • Lubrication of control handles and other moving parts
  • System Maintenance Records